The Death of an Old Growth Pine


Late last winter and into the spring, coastal Maine was rocked by one heavy snow storm after another. Unfortunately, a casualty of that weather was one of the three old growth white pines on my property.

Because they are in the forest, and you can’t step back far enough to get a good image, it’s hard to get a picture of these old trees that does them justice. I took the photo above last summer of one of the two old growth white pines further up the property. You can see this tree from Deer Isle Bridge if you know where to look. It sticks up above the other treetops on the ridge and is probably about 150 feet tall.

The tree in question is lower down, in a boggy part of the property. Rot in the heart of the tree is what caused a third of it to come down. The trunk that came down is huge! Check it out, with apologies to the lackluster video skills.

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  1. So sad to hear one of those stately Teutons has succumbed to the forces of nature. They are splendid.
    I hope your enjoying your summer. I was hoping to see you, but probably won’t get up there until late Aug/early Sept, by which time you will probably be back in TX.
    All the best!


    1. Hi, Abby.

      This was the tree lower down on the property, just below the spring houses. The two oldsters at the top of the property are still going strong. I am having the forest selectively logged this winter (I think) to cull the mature spruce before they all fall down as well.

      Yes, I would love to meet up with you. Maybe next summer? I am here from June through mid-August usually. I have the Cabin in mostly working order — still trying to get the critters out.



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