Building an Intentional Community

anchorage early-edited
The Anchorage at the turn of the last century, when it was a working farm.

Months ago I promised you, my few remaining readers, a reboot to the site and further discussion of changes in store for the property itself.

I spent a whole summer up at the Cabin, suspended in the hammock, thinking about it.

Then, a couple weeks into my return to Austin, something happened to distill and clarify my thinking, and now I am ready to put those thoughts in writing.

I’m going to run a girls’ school. The school will offer college counseling to high school sophomores and juniors and, if I can find a vendor to partner with, a transition-to-college program for first-generation students. It will be a summer program only, with learning space and accommodation for visiting teachers in the Anchorage and dormitory space elsewhere on the property. I plan to work with locals to provide extracurriculars, like music, art, and sport intensives, but I will hire experts in college guidance and placement to run the counseling program.

In addition to the school, I want to open the property to a farmer/maker who would share the property with me year-round. I would provide that individual with housing and a place to raise crops or have livestock. The objective is to provide a family with the means to develop organic, sustaining farming skills on a small scale without having to hold outside jobs.

I can think of several ways to tie the school together with the farm, including an internship program, but the idea of having a school in a real farm setting alone has a lot of appeal to me, and I think it will be appealing to the students as well.

Long-term, I would like to see the place become an integral part of the village of Sargentville, making contributions to its preservation and sustenance.

So that’s the plan. This year I will explore finding the right business structure and discussing the feasible implementation of my plans with town officials. If you are reading this and have any questions or comments, please reach out to me either on this blog post or my Facebook page.


Valerie Fulton